Don't Just Take It From Us, Let Our Range Of Clients From High Profile Figures To The Everyday Gentleman Tell You!



   Ike, Actor and Famed Style Influencer (Instagram @oVespeR)

" Hi, my name is Ike (aka as oVespeR) on Instagram. I'm an actor and fashion enthusiast. I am absolutely in love with these bracelets! I tend to wear them with most of my suits. The quality and color of the material is fantastic and I can honestly say this company has a bright future, a great owner, and most of all great customer service. I'm very honored to be representing this brand. If you are looking for the perfect handcrafted bespoke bracelet, you have come to the right place! "


   Nasim Karawia, Ferrari F355 Owner and Automotive Photographer (Instagram

" I never forget to leave the house without my bracelets from The Haute Gentleman. I can really appreciate the fantastic handcrafted braiding within the bracelets, and the wide variety of colors that they come in. My friends and I enjoy the delicate details that each bracelet presents, with my personal favorites being Prudent Pink and La Rouge, though I really love all of the colors that The Haute Gentleman offers. I truly recommend buying bracelets from The Haute Gentleman if you want real high quality fashion accessories. "


   Abdias Nieves, Men's Fashion Blogger (Instagram @irockatie)

" Hello my name is Abdias Nieves (@irockatie). I'm a fashion blogger determined to inspire others with great style and respectable living. The Haute Gentleman's products have really enhanced my style and taken it up another level. The quality of the material and assortment of colors enable these bracelets to be versatile additions to anyone's closet. Both their bracelets and customer service are outstanding and I highly recommend this brand. "


   Eddie Habalrih, Automotive Enthusiast and Photographer (Instagram @Cali.Exotics)

“ Hello I’m Eddie, an automotive photographer that enjoys the presence of anything that involves luxury! Out of everything being and advertised and sold, products from The Haute Gentleman have stood out the most, being worn by everybody from photographers like me to high class gentlemen, world renowned car collectors and even TV and film executives.

After the rigorous testing I’ve put my collection of The Haute Gentleman products through I can assure you that they have great quality products to complete your form of style and continue to innovate and produce even better products that will continue to set new norms for the bracelet industry.

Ask yourself a question, why are you here? Exactly... To be a HOT Gentleman! I honestly recommend you go and get yourself a bracelet (or a bunch like I did, lol) and be part of the next big thing in men’s accessories!

Great products from a great owner who looks after you long after you’ve made your purchase. Most of all though is their commitment to providing great customer service! They make me feel like I’m on the exclusive list of customers at some huge designer brand as they too drop everything they’re doing to work with me to ensure that I receive an inclusive experience tailored specifically to my needs to go with my custom tailored bracelets. “


   Matt Hiler, Endurance Athlete, Outdoor Enthusiast, Computer Engineer and All Around Nice Guy (Instagram @McWongski)

I am the type of guy who feels more at home hiking a mountain ridge in search of a fresh powder stash or racing on a muddy cyclocross course than I do wearing a suit. That said, our appearance is an extension of our personality and as such I do take pride in how I present myself, both personally and professionally. With that in mind the bracelets from the Haute Gentleman are a triumph. They are simple and yet sophisticated and what I mean by this is that while stylish these bracelets sport a very tasteful and classy design without the over the top bling that you may find with other men's bracelets.

This appeals to me because they are suitable for a wide range of applications; which might be looking dapper during a night out on the town, dialing in the last detail of the professional look of your business attire, or adding an elegant touch to your more casual wardrobe options. They look amazing and they come in an array of striking color options. Beyond their versatility the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship are first-rate. I receive compliments about them all the time! "


   Ben, Music Producer/Engineer (Rxn/Prya), Car Enthusiast/Instagrammer (@carsandtrees), Watch and Wrist Style Enthusiast  

" I've always got my THG bracelets on my wrist! Just like my watch, putting them on is part of my daily routine. I was already a watch enthusiast, and when my buddies showed me these gorgeous high end leather triple wrap bracelets, I never looked back.

I personally wear the “Refined Black” and the “Liquid Gold” with my watches, as they match with everything, and I have THG’s brand new bracelet, “Blue Royale” on the way! The quality of the leather is impeccable, especially for the price, and the customer service that THG provides is second to none.

There is no other luxury bracelet I would even consider buying, and I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to purchase high-fashion accessories of the highest quality at an extremely reasonable price! "


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